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It’s Okay To Be Be MORE.

Oct 08 2012

I often hear women talking about how they “wish” they could use their skills, interest or hobbies to have a work-from-home job.…

Freelance Families 101

Nov 15 2011

With more moms working from home doing freelance jobs, their families need to learn new ways to interact that respect mom’s work…

Can You Afford to Freelance

Nov 10 2011

Going to work requires you to spend a lot of money. There are the costs of the car, gas, lunch, business clothes,…

7 Rules For Your Home Office

Jul 29 2011

I have worked from my home office for most of my career and over those years I have developed a good idea…

WAHMs Have Been Around A While …. and Are Laughing Hysterically

Mar 11 2011

The news for the last few weeks has focused on how our economy has forced people into becoming entrepreneurs and WAHMs. They’ve…

How to Work Remote

Sep 01 2010

Many companies have found that those who work remotely are often more happy about working and provide work that is superior to their in-house counterparts.

Work at Home Stereotype – Part 2

Aug 25 2010

When Supernanny did a show based on a mom that worked from home and neglected her kids, the stereotype that work at…

What is the Difference Between Working at Home and Working From Home?

Aug 11 2010

Working at home means you are self employed. Working from home means you are employed by someone else – as in you get a weekly or bi-weekly paycheck.