Pin of the Week: The Harder You Work
The Harder You Work, The Luckier You Get This pin is really an affirmation to myself that the work I have done this year didn’t just happen. It took a lot of work and long hours to get where we are today. AND today, we hit a major milestone. A milestone that confirms so many ideas. This has been an amazing year for us. The harder we worked, the luckier we were and the luckier we will continue to be. Follow me on Pinterest at
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It’s Okay To Be Be MORE.
I often hear women talking about how they “wish” they could use their skills, interest or hobbies to have a work-from-home job. Most women I know desire to be home with their kiddos, BUT so many more also want to have something that is theirs … a job, a career, an income. In this world most of us have been led to believe that the only way to have it all it to drop off our kiddos at the daycare and head in for the 9 to 5. I have to tell you that this is the biggest lie told to American moms. Add that lie to some frosting that is created by dozens of companies that want you to sell their candles or perfumes and lots of moms feel it’s impossible. I started freelancing in 2004 and never looked back. I replaced a corporate marketing income my first year. This year, the sky is the limit. I have learned and stumbled and been crucified along the way. But, I have raised three boys while operating an INTERNATIONAL marketing firm, having a team of 30 working with me, working with some of the most amazing minds (and young millionaires) in […]
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Freelance Families 101
With more moms working from home doing freelance jobs, their families need to learn new ways to interact that respect mom’s work time. More time with your children is obviously a huge benefit to working from home. However, if not managed properly from the beginning, working from home can quickly become a nightmare instead of a blessing. If work time is constantly interrupted and supplies go missing, work suffers and so does the family. When deciding to accept a freelance, work at home job, the entire family should sit down and have a serious discussion about behavioral expectations. Parents should explain to the kids that when mommy is at her computer or in her work space, she is working and should only be interrupted in emergencies. During the time mom is working, the children should be expected to keep noise and distractions to a minimum. Some parents choose to give the kids a list of acceptable activities for the time while mom is working. Hanging the list on the refrigerator will save lots of time later. Instead of having to entertain every question about what they can do, mom will simply be able to point to the list. Once the […]
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Can You Afford to Freelance
Going to work requires you to spend a lot of money. There are the costs of the car, gas, lunch, business clothes, and if you have children, the skyrocketing cost of daycare. Many moms have so little time away from the office, they spend money on convenience. They pick up fast food dinner on the way home from work and slip a few bucks to their kids to buy lunch at school.  These moms enroll their kids in after school activities so the kids aren’t unsupervised when mom is still at work. All of these costs add up and need to be considered when deciding if work from home, freelance work is a good match for your family. What would you do if you could work from home on freelance projects? What if you could set your own work schedule? Would you work when your kids are at school and play with them when they got home? Would you take care of your own baby instead of paying a stranger? Many women want the fulfillment a career brings, but don’t want to sacrifice the joy of being a mommy. Working from home provides women with the opportunity to have the […]
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7 Rules For Your Home Office
I have worked from my home office for most of my career and over those years I have developed a good idea of how to have a home office successfully. 1. Pick a room in your house that is off of the beaten path. I use to have my office located right outside of my living room and kitchen, but I quickly noticed that I would swing by my computer to check emails every time I walked through. I would check my emails and then have to respond or have to post a job for my team and my fly by started to eat away 30 and even 60 minutes every time I stopped to read my emails. If you put your office in a room that is off of the beaten path, a room that takes effort, stairs or walking down the hallway to get to, you’ll notice that you won’t be so eager to swing by and check in. Another reason to place your office off of the beaten path is so your home can feel like home. To many work at home and work from home freelancers feel like they work 18 hours a day because they […]
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WAHMs Have Been Around A While …. and Are Laughing Hysterically
The news for the last few weeks has focused on how our economy has forced people into becoming entrepreneurs and WAHMs. They’ve also talked a lot about social media managers and how it’s “so new.” I laugh everytime I read a news release or a CNN anchor talking about it. So many of us have been doing this for so long that we read these news stories and listen to talk about WAHMs and the new entrepreneur and laugh hysterically. We’ve been around so long and they are just now noticing? You see, we laugh because we’ve been working from home for years. In my case, it all began in 2005. Many people thought that my idea of making money was like $200 a year. I honestly believe that a few of the main work at home mom websites caused the disbelief, mostly because they were all talking about cosmetics sales and sewing your way to an income, but there were others of us out there plotting, building and crushing it. Replacing our corporate incomes and even blowing them away. Yes, it’s true. Honestly, I never made above $28k a year working for some else in a 9 to 5. […]
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How to Work Remote
Many companies have found that those who work remotely are often more happy about working and provide work that is superior to their in-house counterparts.
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Work at Home Stereotype – Part 2
When Supernanny did a show based on a mom that worked from home and neglected her kids, the stereotype that work at home moms and dads neglect their kids in order to work was fueled. Couple this stereotype with the idea that those who work from home don’t really make money and you get people assuming that those who work from home don’t really make any money, therefore they can’t afford to take their kids to childcare and that must mean that their kids sit around and watch TV while their parents pretend to make money. Well, first allow me to tell you that this isn’t the case with most work at home moms or dads. Most of us really do want to be home with our kids, make money and have a business or job that we call our own. Even if you are working for an employer from home, it’s a great alternative to leaving kids in child care. I live down the road from several Amish families. They all have at least 8 kids. The moms work. They work baking, working in the garden, making and repairing clothes, feeding animals, etc. They work all day because they […]
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What is the Difference Between Working at Home and Working From Home?
Working at home means you are self employed. Working from home means you are employed by someone else - as in you get a weekly or bi-weekly paycheck.
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