Freelancing, Working From Home, Peddling Products and an Email from Amy

Most of you already know that I am all about freelancing and using your skills to work from home. In this world, a world of depleting resources and the need for our economy to work smarter (eh hem, telecommuting means millions of saved barrels of oil every day). I have heard SO many people say… 

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The Truth About Work-at-Home MLMs, Affiliate Marketing and Business Opportunities that are Too Good to be True

Actually walking out and starting your own business can be scary. You’re going to stumble, you’re going to fall, and yes, sometimes you are going to fail. But somewhere in the process you’re going to discover the true joy of branching out on your own-the joy of being able to make a living doing something you love instead of working your fingers to the bone trying to take part in a pre-existing business persona that has the 80/20 rule down to the proverbial “T” and is never going to yield the kind of returns you deserve.