Straying from myself, returning to myself.
I did it to myself. I can’t blame anyone or anything for it. All I can do is admit that I allowed myself to stray and that I am back. In 1999, a little perry county girl I know (eh hem) graduated high school, started college for equine management and was determined to spend her life working with horses. That was, until three months later when the college decided they didn’t want to continue the program and my dreams seemingly vanished along with the professor who had been hired to teach the course. In January of 2000 I found myself standing in the lobby of the college wondering how they could pull my scholarships when the college was behind the change in the courses. I walked into the local bank and accepted the job. Just 10 months later I was married. I spent the next year working in two different banks and eventually quitting to hang out in my 500 sq ft apartment. In 2001 I tired of jogging to the lake and began taking courses for Medical Transcription. I graduated the course 3 months ahead of time and started searching for work. It was then that I realized that […]
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Freelancing, Working From Home, Peddling Products and an Email from Amy
Most of you already know that I am all about freelancing and using your skills to work from home. In this world, a world of depleting resources and the need for our economy to work smarter (eh hem, telecommuting means millions of saved barrels of oil every day). I have heard SO many people say that families cannot make it without two people in the family working. I don’t believe this to be true. You can read more about this on my post about moms working outside of the home and placing children in day care. Anyway, I received an email from a gal named Amy last week. Here’s what she had to say: I came across your review after trying to find more information on the hire my mom website. Would you please help me find a reputable company or website that you are able to get work from that isn’t a scam? I am a stay at home mom of 4 kids with busy after school and evenings! Thank you very much. The problem is, honestly, that there are a lot of people trying to find work that they can do from home.  There are so many people […]
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Do Freelancers Really Earn a Living
I recently encountered a bitter woman who practically cornered me about freelancing and working from home. I’m not sure if she wanted to know if I really made money or if she was attempting to make herself feel good. I would like to think it was a little of both. I felt as though she wanted to be able to prove to herself that not only did she make more money than me working her full-time job, but that she had made a wise decision having a steady job that she knew she’d get a check from at the end of the week. Honestly, I encounter people like that all of the time. Most of them want to know because they need that glimmer of hope that they can work where and when they want. The other half ask me because they want to feel, as this woman did, that they dedicated 40 hours a week, 10 hours of commuting every week, a set income and lost time with family to gain something. I understand that. I am human. As I began to talk with the woman I could see the bitterness run out of her face as she started […]
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Can You Make a Full-Time Living Working From Home?
For many the answer seems to complex. The question mark at the end is big and bold and scary. For many, the idea of working from home brings visions of the repo man and starvation, but I will tell you this … You CAN make money working from home and maybe MORE than you could working for a company. I know that most of you reading this are watching on with disbelief… mostly because you’ve tried those MLM drink companies, Mary Kay and  selling candles and well, the list goes on, but nearly EVERY female in the US has TRIED to have a home-based business to either increase their monthly income or replace their income. The truth of the matter is that if you are working for a company such as Avon, Scentsy or the whole list of other companies you can join and sell for, you aren’t really working for yourself. You are working your tail off to make what… 1/2 of the price of the product or less? Now, I am NOT saying that you can’t make money with these companies, but is all about working from home, freelancing and the tools needed to get it done. […]
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Hey Work At Home, Freelance Companies – I am Calling You Out
This month I am going to be calling out some of the internet's most seen and most praised programs for what they really are to the freelance world. It could get ugly.
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Hey Work At Home, Freelance Companies – I am Calling You Out
This month I am going to be calling out some of the internet's most seen and most praised programs for what they really are to the freelance world. It could get ugly.
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The Truth About Work-at-Home MLMs, Affiliate Marketing and Business Opportunities that are Too Good to be True
Actually walking out and starting your own business can be scary. You’re going to stumble, you’re going to fall, and yes, sometimes you are going to fail. But somewhere in the process you’re going to discover the true joy of branching out on your own-the joy of being able to make a living doing something you love instead of working your fingers to the bone trying to take part in a pre-existing business persona that has the 80/20 rule down to the proverbial “T” and is never going to yield the kind of returns you deserve.
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Who Wants to Work from Home When You Could Have a Working Vacation?
Thanks to the wonders of modern technology there are an endless number of possibilities for the working vacationer. Forget begging the boss for time off, juggling paid vacation days and coming home to a huge pile of paperwork. Just grab a laptop, book a hotel with WiFi, and go!
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What is the Difference Between Working at Home and Working From Home?
Working at home means you are self employed. Working from home means you are employed by someone else - as in you get a weekly or bi-weekly paycheck.
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