The Helicopter Lineman Shirt
Last week I held a little contest on my Lineman Rock facebook page. What unfolded was simply amazing. I watched as a good dozen or so people posted photos of various things. Some of the most amazing were Instagram photos that had been slightly edited, but there were a few that caught my attention and left me wondering if it would be possible to create a lineman shirt from them. The winner of the contest would receive a t-shirt with their photo printed on it. Right out of the gate, my email to the first place winner went to the mysterious “other” folder on Facebook, so I connected with the 2nd place runner up. I have to admit that a part of me ran this contest just so I could show how cool our designs look, especially photos, when printed via our method. The 2nd place photo owner quickly emailed me back and agreed to let me use her photo. What you see above is a photo of the design printed on a Bella v-neck. I could have printed the photo just to show the quality of the photography in print (keep in mind that we printed this from a […]
01 Aug 2012 in Design, Journal, by