Why the Unemployed Need “How to Freelance” Training
According to 20 Something Finance in an article they published last year, the topĀ 10 occupations hit by layoffs were mostly construction trades and factory jobs. The government has seen this over and over again and has a system in place to retrain them and find them jobs fairly quickly. But, the group not mentioned on the list 20 Something Finance created (and overlooked by the government because of lack of programs) were the hundreds of thousands of bankers, marketers, engineers, architects, finance gurus, professional assistants, IT gurus, firemen and other highly skilled and experienced professionals that found themselves receiving buyouts and layoffs. The government unemployment system looks at them and asks themselves what they should do with a person who is already educated, already skilled and has years and years of experience in a professional atmosphere. After all, aren’t professionals suppose to be bullet proof? The government does a great job of supporting people via welfare and unemployment programs, but they lose track of who’s been on the system (or abusing it) for long periods of time. They also have little to no advice for professionals who have spent two years applying for every job they could find. I have […]
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