So I didn’t go to law school. Part 1
The path to where I am today fell together so methodically that it’s almost hard to look back without thinking there was divine intervention. I mean, I was going to be a 19 year old bride. I was moving away from home. I had worked three years at Elder Beerman, 6 months at a horse barn and 6 months at a bank as a teller. I could barely make grilled cheese. My college decided to stop offering the equine program (yes, my original goal in life was to train horses for a living). I was at square 2 (you’ll see later how the Elder Beerman and bank jobs counted for something … the horse barn “internship” …not so much). I walked into the bank local to where we were going to move when we got married and I gave the interview all I had. Why did I want to work there? Duh. I was getting married and moving. Uh! Why did I want to work in the back rather than as a teller? Seriously? That machine thing that processes payments is WAY cooler than the teller jobs (I worked at a bank right out of high school and the tellers […]
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Straying from myself, returning to myself.
I did it to myself. I can’t blame anyone or anything for it. All I can do is admit that I allowed myself to stray and that I am back. In 1999, a little perry county girl I know (eh hem) graduated high school, started college for equine management and was determined to spend her life working with horses. That was, until three months later when the college decided they didn’t want to continue the program and my dreams seemingly vanished along with the professor who had been hired to teach the course. In January of 2000 I found myself standing in the lobby of the college wondering how they could pull my scholarships when the college was behind the change in the courses. I walked into the local bank and accepted the job. Just 10 months later I was married. I spent the next year working in two different banks and eventually quitting to hang out in my 500 sq ft apartment. In 2001 I tired of jogging to the lake and began taking courses for Medical Transcription. I graduated the course 3 months ahead of time and started searching for work. It was then that I realized that […]
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How To Build a Good Reputation as a Freelancer
Doing freelance work from home can be a great way to earn money while staying in the comfort of your own home. Jobs are plentiful when you create a reputation for producing quality work. Our work at home freelance experts have the following tips about how to build a positive professional reputation. •    Be professional and courteous. Make sure you provide your clients with the service they expect from a professional freelancer. Just because you work in your pajamas doesn’t mean you have to reflect that attitude in your interactions with your clients.  You and your clients are entering into a professional agreement to produce work. Your attitude and manner should reflect that relationship. •    Be easy to contact. Your clients may have questions or changes in how they would like their work completed. If they can always get in contact with you when they have comments or concerns, you will be the first one they think of when they have more freelance work from home opportunities! •    Be flexible. Sometimes work will need to be completed quickly. Sometimes it will need revisions. Remember that your client is paying for your services. It is in your best interest to provide […]
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Freelancing Freedom Defined
Like most moms, I have a college degree, but I still want to stay home and raise my kids. I enjoy working and need the money in order to support my family. However, I couldn’t figure out how to balance a busy career and still spend quality time with my kids. It seemed like they were growing up without me. Every day, they were reaching new developmental milestones while they were in daycare and I was missing everything. My husband and I decided to have kids so we could enjoy their childhood. More and more, it seemed we were working to pay for daycare. When my youngest took her first steps at daycare, I decided I needed to find a way to work from home. Looking on the internet, there were so many scams. I didn’t want to endanger my family’s financial future by getting involved in a shady deal. Legitimate work from home opportunities were hard to find. When my friend told me that she was finding freelance work, I knew I had to check it out. The site doesn’t promise any get rich quick scheme. Toolbx offers legitimate freelance job opportunities. I would be able to work from […]
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They laid you off? It’s time to freelance. Seriously.
  I honestly don’t get it. Actually, it’s rather frustrating to me that SO many people are willing to bet their futures on corporations and small employers without even considering freelancing. I recently watched a documentary about a town in Georgia and was taken aback watching the people they were covering apply for job after job. One of the gals on the show had been applying for jobs for 2 years and her unemployment had just ran out. She and another gal on the show applied for the same job as a secretary at a school and neither were selected. Now, in MY world, people who can rock “secretary” work can make thousands and thousands of dollars a month working in their pajamas from home as a virtual assistant. They can have clients all over the world and MORE than ONE client – so the well never goes dry. If you have a client that doesn’t need you this week, it’s okay because you have 5 others that continue to send you work. You aren’t depending on just one company or one person to send you work every day or every week. You write your OWN paycheck. Now, I understand […]
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Why Resource Nation isn’t for Freelancers
I recently enrolled myself in Resource Nation’s lead program. While I thought I had stumbled onto something great, I quickly realized that their system is rather frustrating. They “connect” you with pre-screened leads that they have allegedly contacted after receiving a lead that they were requiring services. If you are subscribed to that particular lead generation category, you are rotated through and receive leads. You can tell them how many leads you want each day. In my case I chose to start with 3. I wanted to test out their leads before investing any further into their system. What I discovered was nothing short of a joke. Here’s the top reasons I was nothing short of frustrated with their system and quickly cancelled (after paying for 5 useless leads). Leads are $22 each. Leads are sent to up to 5 companies. The lead sheets are very vague. The leads are suppose to be pre-screened but seemed like they spent little time actually conversing with the leads before sending them to 5 people and charging $22 to each of the recipients of the leads. Yes, I paid $22 for that lead. Four other people also paid $22 for that lead! In the […]
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Why Freelancers Thrive in a Bad Economy
Do you remember the images of the shoe shiners from the 30′s? I was thinking about the current economic situation today and I nearly found myself cheering that I am a freelancer. You see, most of the people I have worked with over the years have been employed and laid off at least once over the last few years. They depended on a company or corporation to feed them. If they showed up to work with a pink slip and a box laying on their desk, they really didn’t have much say in the matter. The freelancer, however, never goes without a paycheck if they are good at what they do and if they work at it. This is even more true in this economy. Consider that the shoe shiners would take a chair from their home and buy an inexpensive rag and some polish. They stood on the street with their basic equipment and suggested to each passer by that they get their shoes shined for just $0.05. They had little invested in terms of material. They were investing their time trying to make money. They didn’t know if they would actually have anyone in their chair that day. […]
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The American Freelancer vs. Overseas Freelancers
If the Four Hour Work Week by Tim Ferris got one thing wrong, it was the books push toward overseas freelancers, virtual assistants and more. While I am all about a global economy, American’s who charge $15, $75 and even $350 an hour cannot typically compete with overseas freelancers who are charging $5 an hour. The temptation for companies and business owners to hire a seemingly cheaper freelancer is to great, especially for those with a limited budget and no issue with hiring people outside of the US. Now, keep in mind that $5 in America will barely buy you a cheeseburger and that same American $5 paid to someone in India is a significant amount of money that can be used to buy an entire meal at a fine restaurant. With that said, American Freelancers are under fire. I have read many complaints in recent weeks from individuals and companies who hired freelancers and were unhappy with the “poor service they received.” I was somewhat straight forward in asking them if the freelancers they hired were, well, from this continent. You see, the problem that I had was that they placed ALL freelancers in that category. The blog post […]
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Working From Home With Demand Studios
You may or may not have heard of Demand Studios. It is, in my opinion, one of the best kept secrets in the freelance world. Maybe it’s because everyone working with Demand Studios is to busy working…. and getting paid. Who knows. I will tell you that Demand Studios is unlike many other freelancing sites out there in that they don’t just accept anyone. You have to actually be able to provide proof of your skills. Even with a college degree, don’t expect that you’ll be able to get right in. Demand Studios is for professional freelancers. If you’re fresh out of corporate you may not have the proven skills to get in, but if you have something online that you can show them, you may have a fighting chance. Here are some of the skills they are after: Writers Bloggers Filmmakers Copy Editors Experts With that said, Demand Studios allows you to write for popular websites such as eHow and You can’t write for these companies directly. Likewise, their blogging, film and other opportunities lend you to building a large online portfolio. They actually allow you to put your name on your finished product. Something that seems to […]
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