Why Educated, Skilled and Amazing Talent Has Gone Freelance
Remember the day, oh, say 10 years ago when there was a handful of amazing jobs and even less amazing talent to fill those positions? We all know that this isn’t the case anymore, but we also know that the MOST amazing talent in the world has gone freelance and it’s no surprise as to why. They are smart. You see, 10 years ago top talent was fought over, received multiple offers from various companies and could easily bump their salary up to whatever they wanted. They would tease companies until one finally gave them the dollar figure they wanted. Then again, this was before the internet and the “Cloud” allowed freelancers to make money from ALL of the companies that wanted them…. and that is why the most amazing, highly skilled and stunningly talented people in any given industry have gone freelance. Why would someone want to work for the highest bidder when they would work for ALL of the companies that want them? In the end, they make more money, they get to work around their own schedule, in their pajamas and from the beach, they get to fly to meet clients, they can charge a premium for […]
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Do What You Love and Make it A Business
Have you ever stopped to think about the people that stand in a factory and do the same thing over and over, day after day? Do you think they are happy? Do you think, when they are 80 they will look back and think of all of the fun they had? All of the things they got to do that they loved? Hell to the no. Isn’t it sad that we live in a world where you can make a living doing ANYTHING you want. Anything you LOVE and yet people are so SCARED to step out of their comfort zones that they would rather toil away behind a desk at a job they hate or stand by an assembly line for the rest of their lives rather than take a RISK? I have watched so many that did have the courage to take their work into their own hand blow it by doing something secure, free from risk, easy and something that they, in the end, actually HATE. Why do we do this? I understand that people have to eat, but if you truly love something, why put it on the back burner? Get started today. Right now. DO […]
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Are you good enough to go agency?
Let’s face it. You can only make so much in the hours you have in a day. Granted, you might be charging $300 an hour for your time ($300x40x52 = $624,000/year) but chances are you won’t fill those hours with billable time. You’ll find yourself working on landing new clients, closing deals, phone calls, meetings and more. The problem is that most freelancers charge between $20 an $75 an hour on average which means you’re looking at between $30,000 and $100,000 a year. Consider if you had a team member helping you close sales, a manager helping you post projects and a project board where virtual employees, paid by the project, could work with you without racking up hourly rates, insurance and workers compensation. Imagine running this agency from your home office. Sounds like heaven, right? It’s what I do every day. Now, back to the question at hand…. Are you good enough to go agency? Here’s some questions to ask yourself: Are you frequently turning down work because you have more clients than you can handle? Are you losing out on work because your turn around time isn’t what clients are looking for? Can you find subcontractors to help […]
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Why I Have Stopped Believing You Can Fake It Until You Make It
I have to admit, right out of the gate, that I was once (and even very recently) a believer that you could fake it until you make it. I even dispelled this advice to another mom who was trying to make money from home, but I realize now…. I was wrong. You see, I once classified myself as a person who faked it until they made it, but I realize now that I really didn’t. I spend 5 years getting two BS degrees in marketing and business. I have spent countless hours, most likely in the 5 figure range, studying and trying and pushing and learning. I have spent well into 6 figures on my education, whether it be formal or trial by error. In the words of Thomas Edison… “I have not failed 10000 times. I have successfully found 10000 ways that will not work.” These failures and successes weren’t cheap. I didn’t get them overnight or in a few months and I sure as hell didn’t fake it until I made it. I used my real experiences in corporate America to get where I am and I encourage each of you to do the same. If you don’t […]
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WAHMs Have Been Around A While …. and Are Laughing Hysterically
The news for the last few weeks has focused on how our economy has forced people into becoming entrepreneurs and WAHMs. They’ve also talked a lot about social media managers and how it’s “so new.” I laugh everytime I read a news release or a CNN anchor talking about it. So many of us have been doing this for so long that we read these news stories and listen to talk about WAHMs and the new entrepreneur and laugh hysterically. We’ve been around so long and they are just now noticing? You see, we laugh because we’ve been working from home for years. In my case, it all began in 2005. Many people thought that my idea of making money was like $200 a year. I honestly believe that a few of the main work at home mom websites caused the disbelief, mostly because they were all talking about cosmetics sales and sewing your way to an income, but there were others of us out there plotting, building and crushing it. Replacing our corporate incomes and even blowing them away. Yes, it’s true. Honestly, I never made above $28k a year working for some else in a 9 to 5. […]
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Do Freelancers Really Earn a Living
I recently encountered a bitter woman who practically cornered me about freelancing and working from home. I’m not sure if she wanted to know if I really made money or if she was attempting to make herself feel good. I would like to think it was a little of both. I felt as though she wanted to be able to prove to herself that not only did she make more money than me working her full-time job, but that she had made a wise decision having a steady job that she knew she’d get a check from at the end of the week. Honestly, I encounter people like that all of the time. Most of them want to know because they need that glimmer of hope that they can work where and when they want. The other half ask me because they want to feel, as this woman did, that they dedicated 40 hours a week, 10 hours of commuting every week, a set income and lost time with family to gain something. I understand that. I am human. As I began to talk with the woman I could see the bitterness run out of her face as she started […]
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Why Freelancers and Remote Workers Could Save the World
It’s no secret that some of the world’s best writers and social media managers (and other professionals) in the world work from home. Most are working as freelancers or under contracts. Most work around their own schedules. Most have been headhunted by some of the biggest corporations in the world and almost every one of them have turned down those positions. It’s rather simple as to why. If you’re like me, I have been a freelancer to long to sit in an office from 8 to 5 while the sun is shinning and my kids are in daycare. Because of that very scenario, I call myself unemployable. I take on numerous contracts and I work quite a bit, but I work around the sun and naps and anywhere my Verizon Fivespot will allow me to have service. But, after nearly 6 years of working from home it suddenly hit me last week … freelancers and remote workers might just save the world. You see, every head hunter that has ever called me wanted me to work from their office. 1. Oil Isn’t Cheap, Free or Everlasting. I wake up every day, roll out of bed, cook a nice breakfast for […]
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The Importance of Freelance Resumes
I recently landed a cool freelance job by sharing two things …. This blog. My virtual resume website. Then, I quickly realized that most people don’t consider having a virtual resume as a part of their freelance portfolio. Although most freelance sites offer a place to upload your resume or include your portfolio, a resume outside of these locations make it easy for you to include a link and keep ONE resume up to date with all of your important information so you can send clients from sites, emails, leads and more to one central location. That is now the goal of ToolBx.com. We want you to use us to grow your business. We have recently installed a forum and a place to post your resumes for free. You can then use your resume here on our site to send the link to potential clients. You’ll also be able to join our community and begin interacting with other freelancers. Anyway, this is a short post, but I wanted to make sure you all knew that you were more than welcome to post your resume here. Just come to the page, scroll to the bottom and click on post a resume.
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Can You Make a Full-Time Living Working From Home?
For many the answer seems to complex. The question mark at the end is big and bold and scary. For many, the idea of working from home brings visions of the repo man and starvation, but I will tell you this … You CAN make money working from home and maybe MORE than you could working for a company. I know that most of you reading this are watching on with disbelief… mostly because you’ve tried those MLM drink companies, Mary Kay and  selling candles and well, the list goes on, but nearly EVERY female in the US has TRIED to have a home-based business to either increase their monthly income or replace their income. The truth of the matter is that if you are working for a company such as Avon, Scentsy or the whole list of other companies you can join and sell for, you aren’t really working for yourself. You are working your tail off to make what… 1/2 of the price of the product or less? Now, I am NOT saying that you can’t make money with these companies, but ToolBx.com is all about working from home, freelancing and the tools needed to get it done. […]
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Hey Work At Home, Freelance Companies – I am Calling You Out
This month I am going to be calling out some of the internet's most seen and most praised programs for what they really are to the freelance world. It could get ugly.
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Hey Work At Home, Freelance Companies – I am Calling You Out
This month I am going to be calling out some of the internet's most seen and most praised programs for what they really are to the freelance world. It could get ugly.
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Want to Win that Freelance Bid on Job Boards Like Elance? Tell ‘em What They Want to Hear!
How to write the kind of freelance bids that are batting 1,000 on boards like Elance.
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Successful Elance / Freelance Strategies – Part 1
I have seen to many people spend a week preparing their freelance account profiles only to abandon ship after a submitting a couple proposals. If this is you, STOP IT! Seriously.
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How to Tell the Good from the Bad from the Ugly When You’re Looking for Freelance Jobs
You always have to take the good with the bad...and when you're talking about freelance jobs the bad can get downright ugly! Here are some tips to help freelancers young and old spot the frauds, the cons and the cheapskates before they sign on the dotted line and commit themselves to their projects.
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