Are you good enough to go agency?

Let’s face it. You can only make so much in the hours you have in a day. Granted, you might be charging $300 an hour for your time ($300x40x52 = $624,000/year) but chances are you won’t fill those hours with billable time. You’ll find yourself working on landing new clients, closing deals, phone calls, meetings… 

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Why Freelancers and Remote Workers Could Save the World

It’s no secret that some of the world’s best writers and social media managers (and other professionals) in the world work from home. Most are working as freelancers or under contracts. Most work around their own schedules. Most have been headhunted by some of the biggest corporations in the world and almost every one of… 

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The Importance of Freelance Resumes

I recently landed a cool freelance job by sharing two things …. This blog. My virtual resume website. Then, I quickly realized that most people don’t consider having a virtual resume as a part of their freelance portfolio. Although most freelance sites offer a place to upload your resume or include your portfolio, a resume… 

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How to Tell the Good from the Bad from the Ugly When You’re Looking for Freelance Jobs

You always have to take the good with the bad…and when you’re talking about freelance jobs the bad can get downright ugly! Here are some tips to help freelancers young and old spot the frauds, the cons and the cheapskates before they sign on the dotted line and commit themselves to their projects.