Hire My Mom Vs Elance
The most popular email question I receive these days is … “Would you recommend Hire My Mom? What about Elance? Should I sign up for both?” I would love to tell you that Hire My Mom and Elance were equal, however, that is not reality. Realistically, they each have their pros and cons. I will try to explain the pros and cons of Elance and Hire My Mom for freelancers like me. Even if you aren’t a mom (Maybe you’re a dad!) the pros and cons of Elance are discussed here, which may prove invaluable. Elance Vs Hire My Mom ELANCE PROS HIRE MY MOM PROS ELANCE CONS HIRE MY MOM CONS ABILITY TO FIND WORK Thousands of new jobs go up every day. Limited jobs are posted, but the people are interested in hiring work at home moms. Not all of the jobs are placed by people who are serious about finding work. There may be a job or two posted every couple of days. COMPETITION There are thousands of freelancers of Elance, but most of them give up quickly. You can see how many people have bid on a job. There are mostly American moms. There are thousands […]
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How Tim Ferriss Screwed American Freelancers
I’m just going to say it…. I bought The 4- Hour Workweek years ago with hope that I too could whittle my week down to just four hours. The difference from the original publication to my life was rather huge. Tim was selling a product that could be purchased, shipped, etc without him really needing to mess with it. An easy 4-hour week. I, on the other hand, was selling ME. I was selling my internet marketing, social media and design skills, not a product that could be packaged and sold to the masses. When it comes down to it, I am more of a Gary Vee than a Tim. In an attempt to show people how to work just four hours a week, Tim also created an issue for those of us that were happy as clams working 20, 30 or 40 hours a week for ourselves. Tim mentioned Elance as his source for contractors/freelancers in his book and suddenly the landscape changed. Many of us had been working freelance for years. We had been quietly scooping up clients and soaking up the work while others around us had no idea that they could get work there. Then, it […]
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Freelancing, Working From Home, Peddling Products and an Email from Amy
Most of you already know that I am all about freelancing and using your skills to work from home. In this world, a world of depleting resources and the need for our economy to work smarter (eh hem, telecommuting means millions of saved barrels of oil every day). I have heard SO many people say that families cannot make it without two people in the family working. I don’t believe this to be true. You can read more about this on my post about moms working outside of the home and placing children in day care. Anyway, I received an email from a gal named Amy last week. Here’s what she had to say: I came across your review after trying to find more information on the hire my mom website. Would you please help me find a reputable company or website that you are able to get work from that isn’t a scam? I am a stay at home mom of 4 kids with busy after school and evenings! Thank you very much. The problem is, honestly, that there are a lot of people trying to find work that they can do from home.  There are so many people […]
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Elance Sends Thousands Emails for External Contact Information Policy Violations
In previous posts I have recommended that you include your name, contact email, phone number, skype address, etc in your bid as it has been shown to increase your chances of getting bids, but yesterday Elance launched system or algorithm that tracks the use of email, phone numbers and skype addresses and sent emails to violators with a warning. During our reviews, we have noticed that you are including your external contact information in your proposals. We request that Contractors refrain from including Contact information in proposals. This includes email address, urls, Skype, gtalk, and any other methods of communication outside of the Elance platform. Please do not respond to this email. No action has been taken on your account; however, please take this as a warning for future proposals. Any further policy violations may result in suspension of your account.   In speaking with freelancers who have been using their “external contact information” it seems that Elance sent this notification out to thousands of Elancers who have been including this information in their bids. We at Frelncr.com have a HUGE problem with this. We understand that this is Elance’s attempt to stop users from going outside of Elance to […]
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Hey Work At Home, Freelance Companies – I am Calling You Out
This month I am going to be calling out some of the internet's most seen and most praised programs for what they really are to the freelance world. It could get ugly.
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Hey Work At Home, Freelance Companies – I am Calling You Out
This month I am going to be calling out some of the internet's most seen and most praised programs for what they really are to the freelance world. It could get ugly.
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Want to Win that Freelance Bid on Job Boards Like Elance? Tell ‘em What They Want to Hear!
How to write the kind of freelance bids that are batting 1,000 on boards like Elance.
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Successful Elance / Freelance Strategies – Part 1
I have seen to many people spend a week preparing their freelance account profiles only to abandon ship after a submitting a couple proposals. If this is you, STOP IT! Seriously.
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How to Win Jobs on Elance.com
It has been two months since I received this proposal and she still has not gotten a SINGLE project. I hope you can see why! The problem with this is that she didn't give anyone anything to go on. She left me to assume that she had what it took and then when she never got any jobs she didn't change her game plan.
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