I haven’t had a J.O.B. since I walked away from corporate in 2004. I’ve had clients, and businesses and consider myself to be one heck of an entrepreneur, but a job just wasn’t for me, until it was.

After I sold my last major business in 2014, I went on autopilot. I felt like business had chewed me up and shat me out and I was done with it. Of course, right after I decided that, I got pregnant with our little girl. So it was a win, win. Building businesses is my hobby, so while I haven’t been serious about it for a while, I still kept building and flipping.

During that time I also made sure to update my LinkedIn profile with all of the new skills I’d taught myself. When you’re a mom that hasn’t been in corporate for a while, this is UBER important. It’s also important if you’re an entrepreneur.

There are people who make a TON from LinkedIn. Even if it’s not directly, they make it in the traffic they send to their sites. One example is Neil Patel, who talked about using LinkedIn for traffic on this blog this Summer. I’d like to point out that LinkedIn posts are also highly searchable on Google, so when I was trying to get the link for this article, I found the LinkedIn post first and then clicked over. That means if you’re writing about your industry, you just make your profile stronger.

I plan on using Neil’s traffic strategy in the future, but again, like always, I digress from the point here.

In October of 2016 I received an odd message on LinkedIn. I honestly thought it was a joke, so I didn’t reply right away.

It turns out the message was real. I was being headhunted through my profile. I responded back and it turned into a phone interview. Within two weeks I was in their office making a presentation on social media and SEO. I should add that I ended up having to take Eliana with me, who was 11 months old at the time. Jarod was suppose to be there to help with her, but a mix up in the schedule meant I literally presented a social media and SEO strategy for a local hospital with a baby on my hip.

A few weeks after Eliana’s birthday, I accepted the job as the Director of Social Media with one stipulation; they agree to pay me 1/3rd of what I normally charge per hour if they let me work from home. I also agreed to come into the office two times a week for two hours. It worked out great in that it gave me a few hours out of the house AND let me continue to be a mom first. At the time, Eliana was still breastfeeding every two hours, so I was able to run in and run home in time for her feedings.

So $5k a month as a social media director isn’t exactly stellar, but taking that job gave me the confidence I’d lost somewhere along the way. And, I should also add that geeking out with people who are SO freaking talented, face to face, for even just a few hours a week, is amazing. The guys (yes, I am the ONLY female out of 12 people) in that office are some of the most amazing talent I have seen for a while. Their abilities for management, graphics, video and more just blows me away.

Honestly, I hope they aren’t reading this because I will miss them when I quit.

So how can you get your LinkedIn profile ready for a payday?

  • Keep it up to date as you learn new skills.
  • Ask for endorsements from the people you’ve worked with either as an employee or as a entrepreneur.
  • Write content that is relevant for your industry.
  • Make connections with other local entrepreneurs and professionals.
  • Download the LinkedIn app so you get notifications when someone messages you.
  • And finally, if you’re looking for work, LinkedIn is THE SPOT where modern HR goes to list jobs and find potential employees.

The best part about all of this is that I have seen SO many moms out there fretting over going back to work when their kids are older. There has been SUCH a huge cloud over moms who feel like they’ll never be able to get a job once they have raised their kids. LinkedIn is a great way to show people that you’re staying up to date with your industry while you’re raising a family. What’s more is that if you’re raising your family and have a rare skill, you can request crazy things, like working from home on a salary. <3

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