website design meant to generate business.

I built my first website in 2001. Back then, it wasn’t nearly as fun. It took a lot to build a functioning website and it wasn’t always pretty.

Today websites can be anything you want them to be.

My agency, Trendy Media Group, started developing sites in 2008 and has created sites ranging from basic blogs and one page landers to websites several hundred pages thick.

Yasssss, i'm ready nerp.

We Build Websites that WORK.

Fully Fuctional Websites That Are Ready For Customers & Clients


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Who Is This Krista Chick?

As a thirty-something mom of four and business owner, Krista rocks out a solid mid-five figures a month across her various companies. She’s expected to hit the six-figure a month goal sometime in the Spring of 2019. It hasn’t come easy, though. Krista became self employed in 2004, but didn’t make her first six-figure year until 2008. What changed? Social media. As one of the first social media managers, Krista was in beta for releases like Pinterest and others. She’s routinely used FB and Google Ads to launch businesses past their yearly revenue goals with a staggering $35 ROI for every $1 invested in advertising. She’s a self-proclaimed serial entrepreneur with a diversified portfolio of businesses in various niches and product / service offerings.

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