Lineman Valentine’s Day Card Printable *FREE*


Printable’s are so much fun to create! This year I decided to offer a printable that the powerline industry could use for both kids and adults, complete with sucker holding awesomeness. I recommend using card stock paper for these. As you can see in the sample below, printing on regular paper makes the card “wave”… 

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New Years Goals


It’s New Years Day. It just happened to fall on a New Moon. And, it’s the Year of the Wild Horse. Yep, sounds like my kind of year. I have been considering what I wanted 2014 to be about for a while now. I think my husband has been right there with me contemplating what… 

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2014 Goals & Resolutions Free Printable


It’s that time of the year again – time for goals and resolution. I honestly believe they come hand in hand, so my first free goals and resolutions printable includes the ability to organize your goal and challenge yourself (resolute) to succeed by using the inner circle to name your goal and your outer circles… 

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Dear Soldier Printable Letter


Show support for our troops and wounded warriors with this free printable Dear Soldier letter. This is a family project that will allow kids to learn more about our troops and giving while offering one of our soldiers an opportunity to receive a heart-felt letter. Send your letters to: Via Walter Reed Hospital Holiday Mail… 

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My Work: Lineman Shirts


Two years ago I walked away from my thriving social media management business and opened a t-shirt company called Linemen Rock after hosting a support group for lineman’s wives since 2008 and being married to my lineman for nearly 13 years. The work allowed me to combine my passion for the line industry with my… 

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Fighting Who You Are


It’s just after 9pm. The kids are all tucked in. My lineman is still not home from his long day. I was sitting in the TV room with my legs curled up under a toasty warm electric blanket staring blankly at a black TV screen with a finger nail sitting quietly between my teeth just… 

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Elf on The Shelf Nice List Certificate – Printable


Elf on the Shelf is becoming more and more fun as moms share their ideas on Pinterest, so this year I’m working to provide some cool printable tools. Here’s the first of many complete with a checklist. Fill it out with your Elf’s name. The picture shown below is a screenshot. The printable doesn’t print… 

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Free Printable: I Am Thankful

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Writing down everything you’re thankful for isn’t just for Facebook. Print out this free I Am Thankful printable and write everything you’re thankful for in your own style. Group it, list it or draw it out on this 8×10 festively colored free Thanksgiving printable. If you’re already a member of my new free printables club,… 

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So, We’re Moving to California


I drafted this post when we were waiting for the moving company to show up to pack up our house and begin moving it across the country. Little did I know that in less than an hour I wouldn’t have internet to finish it via the computer. I had no idea that our entire house… 

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Free Printable Lineman Pumpkin Carving Template


I’ve been working on a couple templates during the rare moments this week that I’ve had to sit at the computer between shipments. Honestly, I think I decided to spend those minutes on templates because I needed to just sit and do something that didn’t require planning or mass amounts of rushing. Slow moments sitting… 

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