Unlearning To Thrive on Stress
I was standing in front of the mirror this morning anxiously awaiting for the moment my hair would be dry enough that could put down my hair dryer when it hit me.  I am crashing.  For the last week or so I have been milling around the house feeling like a shell. How could I? We live in a beautiful home. We have amazing children. School is almost out. My apparel business is almost completely under control with an expected Summer break date starting on Wednesday after I finish everything I have to make by Tuesday afternoon. My husband just bought me a MacBook Pro, despite having just bought me a beautiful iMac, since my other laptop is on it’s last leg so I could create and blog by the pool and enjoy my first Summer outside of the print shop. And I am crashing.  I’m not crashing because I am miserable. I am crashing because I don’t know how to function without mounds and mounds of stress. For some reason my brain has convinced me that I am not successful when I am not completely and utterly stressed to the max.  That perhaps I am even failing  if I […]
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Why People Will Hate Your Success.
If you are good at what you do. If you can make it appear seamless. If someone else wants to do what you do but has failed or wont try. You will be hated. Just accept that now and prepare yourself to not give a shit. Being an entrepreneur, especially one like myself, is hard work. I am what I call, a serial entrepreneur. In years past some in a certain niche industry of mine used that against me. Called me a scam artist. At that point I knew exactly what they were. Scared. You see, when you have a home-based business you can one of many things. A mom, a housekeeper, a lover, a friend AND still operate a wildly successful business. If you can pull all of that off, you’re scary. What do we do when we see a scary spider… we scream. What happens when we see a scary successful and intimidating woman? Same thing. In today’s world people scream on social media rather than in your face like their life is going to be hugely impacted by your success. It isn’t. Unless you’re a competitor. Then it might. That should be their queue to up their […]
Linemen Rock Apparel Company
I created Linemen Rock, an apparel company for power linemen and their families, in late 2011 and launched in January 2012. Linemen Rock allows me to create apparel for a trade for which I have so much passion.  Linemen Rock offers a wide variety of clothing items, ranging from the super trendy to the basic tee. What started as a lineman shirt company has recently been called “The mall of the line industry.” in terms of our offering trendy items on our store. Check out Linemen Rock here.
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Lineman Valentine’s Day Card Printable *FREE*
Printable’s are so much fun to create! This year I decided to offer a printable that the powerline industry could use for both kids and adults, complete with sucker holding awesomeness. I recommend using card stock paper for these. As you can see in the sample below, printing on regular paper makes the card “wave” when you stick the sucker into the card. In addition, regular paper will not hold the sucker if you cut the line to long or throw a batch of them in a Valentine’s Day box. So, I recommend using a nice thick card stock paper. To get your card to hold a sucker, you need to create four small slits in the paper on each side of his glove. You only need to cut along the glove, the width of the pole for an average sucker to fit. Be sure to have an adult do this part.   The  best part about this Lineman Valentine’s Day card is that once the sucker is removed, you can see the lineman dude underneath. Enjoy!!  
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Signs, Signs Everywhere are Signs
Last July I told Jarod I didn’t have the energy to continue with Linemen Rock. It had grown so fast, beyond any of our expectations and with three little boys and a busy lineman, it was just to much for us. The orders coming in was more than me and my little two gal team could handle. During Christmas of 2012, there were 5 of us working near 20 hour days to get orders out in time. When the first offer to buy us out came to the table in the Summer of 2012, we talked about it, decided it was for the best, we set the date and had the papers ready. Just 24 hours before we were suppose to meet to pass our company over to a new owner, I freaked out and promptly sent them a message, typed through tears saying I’m out. I can’t do it. Literal blood, sweat and tears went into this. I can’t walk away. I love it to much. Just a few weeks later we learned Jarod may be offered a job in California and just two months later we were preparing to move our entire family across the country. In December, […]
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New Years Goals
It’s New Years Day. It just happened to fall on a New Moon. And, it’s the Year of the Wild Horse. Yep, sounds like my kind of year. I have been considering what I wanted 2014 to be about for a while now. I think my husband has been right there with me contemplating what I should do. I have a large and growing business that is time consuming and lots of things in the back of my mind. So, I set down to write out exactly WHAT it was I wanted for my life (not just 2014… but beyond as well), our life as a family and the word that came to me over and over was: simplicity. As a lineman’s wife there is no such thing as simplicity, but at least considering it might afford something perhaps a little MORE simple. So, my goals for 2014 have been made. I know where I want to go and I have released it into the universe that it might come back to me. All the while doing the finger thing (Alisa D. .. totally talking to you.). When I think about my goals for this year, I feel as though […]
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2014 Goals & Resolutions Free Printable
It’s that time of the year again – time for goals and resolution. I honestly believe they come hand in hand, so my first free goals and resolutions printable includes the ability to organize your goal and challenge yourself (resolute) to succeed by using the inner circle to name your goal and your outer circles to tell yourself how you’re going to do it. To get your free printable, click on the button below. I’d love it if you’d share your goals with me this year. This printable prints as a 8.5 x 11 or can be downsized to the size of your choice.   This printable is free to download, however, you may not download it, alter it and upload it for free or for sale. You may write about this printable on your blog, but you may not upload this printable to your server for others to download from your website.
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Recover From Holiday Season Before Christmas
My house is trashed. By trashed I mean … no one that knocks on my door is being let in. Fuhgetaboutit. Seriously though, I never thought I would look at Christmas season as “Holiday Time” because I’ve always been the person rushing to get Christmas in order, but as our 2nd year on the receiving end of the rush comes slowly to a close, I look around my home and realize that the last 45 days have taken their tole. My home office looks like a vinyl bomb went off. There are two boxes of shirts that were never shelved because I needed to get their friends in packages. There are at least two pairs of socks on the living room floor. And a throw pillow. And 17 dinosaurs. And a bag of popcorn. The kitchen should be passed up for any activities involving eating. The laundry room was doing good until this last week when we hit our one big last push to get orders out in time. I am pretty sure the dust bunnies have decided to take up residence on top of my washer and dryer.  The 8 back door windows are covered with hand prints and […]
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Inspired Design: Why I Love Designing Apparel
For those of you new to my blog or here for the free printables, I wanted to dish on what I do when I’m not coming up with fun free printables. I’m a marketing geek who spent 10 years in corporate promoting and designing. I broke out on my own in 2004 and never went back. Since then I have built hundreds of websites, managed thousands of campaigns and made millionaires. In 2011 I fired all of my clients and decided to focus on focusing. So, I combined my love of design, photography and marketing with my passion for my husbands line of work and created Linemen Rock, an apparel company (I don’t call it a t-shirt company because 1… I don’t just do tees and 2. I lean more towards things other than t-shirts.). For the last two years I have sat at my computer and designed and built Linemen Rock to what it is today. We now average between 30 and 100 orders per day, with each order ranging from 1 item to 15 (and sometimes more….). The most we’ve ever had was 900 orders in a 24 hour period. It was November 4, 2012, just 24 hours […]
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Elf on The Shelf “The List” Free Printable
It’s almost that time! With Christmas almost here, it’s time to check the list twice. So, why not send the Elf to do it? There are two printables per sheet of paper. Cut them apart and fill them out …. Here’s my little trick to make them look like they’ve been Elf handled…. Just pinch it together to create the wrinkles. Finally, set up your Elf. With the wrinkles in the paper they sit nicely and don’t slide.   To download this Elf on the Shelf List printable CLICK HERE. Be sure to subscribe at the top of the website so you can get future free printables.
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Confessions of a Mom Entrepreneur
I couldn’t sleep last night. At 12:30am I sat up in bed, unwrapped little Elias from around my neck and slipped out for my nightly walk around the house.  Usually I check everyone, fix covers, kiss foreheads and quietly slip back under the blankets to cuddle with my warm 4 year old, but last night I paced the floor. The problem: Holiday. As with most businesses, our biggest and busiest time of the year is November and December. For the last two years  (2012 and 2013) it’s been a time of complete shock as the order notifications spring my ipad to life every few seconds. We had no idea what to expect and often still can’t believe the sales that come in during “Holiday” season. This year I opted to have a third party help with shipping. We started to get them ready in early October, partially because of our move and partially because we knew we’d land in California and have about a week before Christmas shopping started, but still, they couldn’t believe a little home-grown t-shirt company would make the sales we make. Despite having a team to help me and not having to print shirts and get […]
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Christmas Spirit in Our Home
We’re 2400 miles from what we consider “home” but our new home here in the Central Valley in California seems to feel more and more like home every day. Honestly, I didn’t feel like the home we left in Somerset, Ohio was home until we had lived there for about 3 years, so this is quite the accomplishment for my psyche. It felt great to dig out our Christmas memories this year, although we opted to keep the breakable sentimental ornaments in safe keeping this year because of my chosen tree location. We have two beautiful huge pillars in our new home and the Christmas tree just HAD to go between one of them. Pardon the grainy cheesy iphone photos…. I can’t stress how much I love Hobby Lobby’s innovative Christmas decorations. Three years ago I picked up the cute little hat there. I also picked up the most amazing red and green garland, which didn’t make it to California. We picked up the green and red replacement to make this years tree a success. Finally, the amazing pre-made door decor is oh so amazing on the mantle.
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Dear Soldier Printable Letter
Show support for our troops and wounded warriors with this free printable Dear Soldier letter. This is a family project that will allow kids to learn more about our troops and giving while offering one of our soldiers an opportunity to receive a heart-felt letter. Send your letters to: Via Walter Reed Hospital Holiday Mail for Heroes PO Box 5456 Capitol Heights, MD 20791-5456 Via the Red Cross Holiday Mail for Heroes P.O. Box 5456 Capitol Heights, MD 20791-5456 * Please note that the Red Cross takes a little more time for delivery since it’s sent out once it’s mailed to this address. Because of that, I recommend sending to Walter Reed after the end of this week.       Dear Soldier Printable Letter
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My Work: Lineman Shirts
Two years ago I walked away from my thriving social media management business and opened a t-shirt company called Linemen Rock after hosting a support group for lineman’s wives since 2008 and being married to my lineman for nearly 13 years. The work allowed me to combine my passion for the line industry with my love of design, marketing and photography. The last two years have been a whirlwind. We had no idea we’d be so busy and blessed. Anyway, if you haven’t seen my shirt design work, here’s a little peek at some of my designs and our top sellers for 2013. If you’d like a lineman shirt of your own, be sure to head over to the website www.LinemenRock.com
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Recommended: Amazon Cyber Monday Sale
Okay, okay, so I have a HUGE confession to make. Last year I ordered almost ALL of our boys presents via Amazon … on December 20th. It was our first huge holiday season and we had no idea it was coming, so by time we realized we hadn’t had the time to shop we met two major problems… 1. Lack of time to actually shop. 2. Lack of toys left in the stores. So, I hopped on Amazon and got to filling my shopping cart. Considering no one was carrying Dinosaur Train close to us, most of the “cool toys” were gone from local stores and Amazon was able to fulfill our order at the near last minute, we’ll be shopping Amazon again on Monday for their Cyber Monday Deals Week. Of course, this time we aren’t waiting until the last minute. We’re hopping on the deals on Cyber Monday. If you’re ready to start shopping or want to preview some of the hot deals on Amazon this week, click on the banner below to be taken directly to their deals page. Happy shopping!! Be sure to stop back by and let me know what you saved with your Cyber […]
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Kids Found The Toy Stash? Santa Explains Printable
So, you’re a Storage Manager for Santa? It’s okay, I am too. If your kids can’t figure out why you have toys in your closet or under your bed, this is the OFFICIAL letter from Santa explaining your role as Storage Manager as a Elf for Santa, Inc. Simply print this out so your under cover detective kiddos can understand why you’ve got all of those toys stashed. Of course, I don’t recommend busting out the evidence of your Elvery until you’ve been discovered.   CLICK HERE To download a PDF version of my SANTA STORAGE CERTIFICATE. Keep the magic alive, K
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14 Elf On The Shelf Ideas – Part 1
Are you looking for a little inspiration for your Elf on The Shelf this year? Here’s my first blog about Elf on the Shelf ideas. I’ll post again in the next week with enough ideas to finish the month off. Roasting Marshmallows by Jen McKen (Jen McKen is an amazing Photog and is well known for refusing to photograph Seniors she considered bullies.) The Kissing Booth by Living Locurto   The Reindeer Team by LMents Photography The Elf Artist by Beatrice Killam  (Tip: Use a dry erase marker so you can undo the “damage” when the fun is over.) Reindeer Poop (Original creator couldn’t be found.) Elf In A Hammock by Rae of Light Photography Boating Elves The Updating Elf by Clean and Scentsible Coloring Elf by Elf on The Shelf on Flickr Elf Makes a Menu – Source Elf rides a dinosaur. Source The Elf is Surrounded – By Holly at Nap TimeSwing Elf by A Small Snippet Movie Day! By Source
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Blending Textures & Patterns for A Creative Office Space
We’ve spent the last three months packing, dismantling, moving and reassembling our entire house. My office was included in that heap of a pile. The problem was that I went from a 2000 sq ft workshop to, well, just a couple hundred square feet. I don’t have all of my “stuff” in this space, but I needed a place to create, organize and motivate myself. With the help of a friend I was able to pull it all together in two days. There are a few finishing touches that need to be made, and you’ll have to pardon the decal material stuck to the floor, but you get the idea.   I wanted to combine various pieces of furniture already here at the house. Bits and pieces from my shop were piled into our garage. I wanted to combine the oak desk and book shelf with the black high top tables we had used for decals and crafts in the shop. So we pushed them together against the window, grabbed 9 yards of damask fabric for curtains and this postage fabric which was intended for my desk but ended up a perfect final touch for the two black tables. Combining […]
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Why You Need It: Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook by Gary Vaynerchuk
Gary Vaynerchuk had my attention before he surged over 100K fans on FB. Actually, I think I came to his page when he was just hitting the teens. Anyway, his book Crush It!: Why NOW Is the Time to Cash In on Your Passion was a huge (I mean HUGE) reason why I fired all of my clients in late 2011 and developed Linemen Rock where I could use my love of design, photography and marketing to bring pride to something else I loved – my lineman. Anyway, I digress. Gary has since written a two more books, the latest of which is about to launch on the 26th. Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook: How to Tell Your Story in a Noisy Social World is Gary’s next installment in a rumored 10 book deal (it will be his third). Now, I have to tell you. The audio book for Crush It was what really did it for me. The book itself was like having cottonmouth (sorry Gary… you’re much more dynamic in audio/video). My recommendation is to go with the audio AND the book so you can read along with him, make notes AND read it again for a refresher. […]
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Elf On The Shelf Naughty List Certificate – Printable
Is your little angel on the naughty list? Use your Elf on the Shelf to deliver the message. Use the blank spaces to list the offenses and help get your kiddo back on the nice list. After all, the list will be checked twice. Click Here to download a full printable sheet with two notices. If you’re kiddo is still on the nice list, here’s my free nice printable.
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Fighting Who You Are
It’s just after 9pm. The kids are all tucked in. My lineman is still not home from his long day. I was sitting in the TV room with my legs curled up under a toasty warm electric blanket staring blankly at a black TV screen with a finger nail sitting quietly between my teeth just minutes ago. I’m sure the look on my face was illusive as to what was actually going on in my mind. Not that there was anyone to see it. Except for the dog. And I’m pretty sure she’s asleep too. I wander through the house thinking about what to write on my blog. What should I write about? What do I WANT to write about? I stop and look in the office. I consider stuffing envelopes with orders from Linemen Rock, then decide I should probably just wait until the morning. My head isn’t in the game. I sit on the edge of my office chair and look at the computer screen. The screensaver photograph of my boys. The moon peeking through the slats on the windows catches my attention. Or maybe it’s a street light. I stare once again at the computer screen and […]
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Elf on The Shelf Nice List Certificate – Printable
Elf on the Shelf is becoming more and more fun as moms share their ideas on Pinterest, so this year I’m working to provide some cool printable tools. Here’s the first of many complete with a checklist. Fill it out with your Elf’s name. The picture shown below is a screenshot. The printable doesn’t print the grey outline. Get the free printable (two on a sheet) here: Printable Elf on The Shelf Nice Certificate Click on it to save or print to your computer.
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Bitstrips Creates Personalized Version of SomeeCards
If you haven’t seen your FB feed littered with something that looks surprisingly like your friends yet oddly like Someecards, you’re missing out. The hottest trend with mobile app fun is Bitstrips, which allows you to create a custom avatar, eyelashes, blush and all, tailored to your own look and then create cute and comical cards to share across various social networks. When you connect Bitstrips to your Facebook account, as an example, you can then create Bitstrips with friends too. It’s Someecards on protein shakes. Anywho. If you haven’t created your Bitstrip avatar and checked it out, it’s definitely a cute (and creative) way to update your social status while incorporating a visual.    
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Free Printable: I Am Thankful
Writing down everything you’re thankful for isn’t just for Facebook. Print out this free I Am Thankful printable and write everything you’re thankful for in your own style. Group it, list it or draw it out on this 8×10 festively colored free Thanksgiving printable. If you’re already a member of my new free printables club, click here. If you’d like to get a password to get access to my printables, click here.
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La Boulangerie – Fresno, California
There’s so much to talk about, but I wanted to start with something simple. La Boulangerie. This little gym was literally tossed upon our doorstep by one of our new neighbors to welcome us to the neighborhood. The family owns the only grocery store in town, in addition to the gym and boxing centers. They delivered this amazing fruit cake with almond slices just a few days after we moved into the house. Every bite was beyond amazing. I dare to say the taste was more amazing than it looked, if that’s possible. Thank you to our neighbors for introducing us to one of many of our new favorites around Fresno. If you’re looking for this awesomeness, you’ll find it here: La Boulangerie 730 W Shaw Ave, Fresno, CA
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So, We’re Moving to California
I drafted this post when we were waiting for the moving company to show up to pack up our house and begin moving it across the country. Little did I know that in less than an hour I wouldn’t have internet to finish it via the computer. I had no idea that our entire house and every belonging would be in boxes by noon. We were told we should have our luggage and anything we did’nt want packed in the car the night before the were due to arrive. They weren’t joking. I took our luggage out to the car Sunday night thinking I would laugh it off in the morning when I had a ton of time to finish loading the car, but I met the moving truck in the driveway as I was taking the boys to school. When I returned just 15 minutes later I rushed to grab my laptop, iPad and the boys’ toys for the plane ride. Most of the toys weren’t in their designated “ride to Cali in a backpack” location. By time I realized most of them had been taken from the backpack to play with on Sunday night, they were packed in […]
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Free Printable Lineman Pumpkin Carving Template
I’ve been working on a couple templates during the rare moments this week that I’ve had to sit at the computer between shipments. Honestly, I think I decided to spend those minutes on templates because I needed to just sit and do something that didn’t require planning or mass amounts of rushing. Slow moments sitting at the computer are my tea and book in a hammock. This is the first template of a few that I made. I was hoping to get to actually carve one and make a big presentation of all of my designs, but alas, the moving truck arrives in three days and there’s no room for half-carved pumpkins in the back of a semi. Poop. So here it is. You can right click and save to print or click on the link at the bottom to download to your computer. Click here to download the file.
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Host A Mom – My New Server
Since 2006 I have hosted hundreds of websites for friends, clients, neighbors and myself. Having a server made it easier to manage all of the changes, graphics and websites that me and my clients were building, buying and selling back then. So, for 7 years I have hosted websites for just about anyone that needed a home for their business online. After paying yet another server bill, I finally admitted to myself that I’ve done it, mostly for free, at my expense, for way to long. So, I have started to move my friends, neighbors and clients over to my new server. It’s faster, it has a better up time AND it allows me to charge a fee for being on my server without me having to remember to charge people, because you all know I don’t do paper invoices nor have time to remember that so and so didn’t pay their monthly server fee … since January of 2011. So, with that said, I spent most of my weekend setting up my new server and moving this website over (which is why, as of this point, many of my older posts still don’t have images … time issues people… […]
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Why Educated, Skilled and Amazing Talent Has Gone Freelance
Remember the day, oh, say 10 years ago when there was a handful of amazing jobs and even less amazing talent to fill those positions? We all know that this isn’t the case anymore, but we also know that the MOST amazing talent in the world has gone freelance and it’s no surprise as to why. They are smart. You see, 10 years ago top talent was fought over, received multiple offers from various companies and could easily bump their salary up to whatever they wanted. They would tease companies until one finally gave them the dollar figure they wanted. Then again, this was before the internet and the “Cloud” allowed freelancers to make money from ALL of the companies that wanted them…. and that is why the most amazing, highly skilled and stunningly talented people in any given industry have gone freelance. Why would someone want to work for the highest bidder when they would work for ALL of the companies that want them? In the end, they make more money, they get to work around their own schedule, in their pajamas and from the beach, they get to fly to meet clients, they can charge a premium for […]
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