2013-02-03_1730I’m a country girl turned internet marketing & social media geek with a passion for photography and design.

From 2001 to 2004 I worked in a corporate marketing department creating marketing materials for Fortune 100 companies. When I wasn’t providing the materials that brought in hundreds of millions of dollars from investors, I was planning extravagant black tie events, corporate picnics, print materials and working on the company website.

During that time I earned two B.S. Degrees in Marketing & Communications and Business Administration with a PR Focus.

In 2004 I went freelance and until 2011 my entire income came in the form of marketing strategy, social media management and various design clients.

linemenrocklogodudeextrasmallIn 2011, after so many years of working behind the scenes and (literally) turning so many of my entrepreneur clients into millionaires, I decided it was time to do my own thing and we launched our crazy successful Lineman Shirt company based on my love of my husbands profession as a power lineman. Okay, maybe it was the 18 hour days, phone calls based on London time and 2am conference calls as a freelancer that made me leave that part of it behind, but ya know.

In 2013 I launched another t-shirt company that would allow me to design for passionate people outside of the line industry. In 2014, my plan is to grow that business in addition to changing the way Linemen Rock’s designs are updated. Check it out at www.Teeaholic.com


When I’m Not Designing, Photographing or Promoting…

I’m the wife of a power lineman and the mom of three amazing little boys. My work comes second to my family. My boys are my life and I spend most of my day caring for them. I usually work late at night after the kids have gone to bed. I am by my own definition, what I call a valor mom. Proverbs 31.

We’re currently living in Fowler, California by way of Somerset, Ohio. I enjoy photography, horseback riding and creating heartland homestyle meals from generations old recipes passed down from my grandma and great grandma while burying myself in books.