Welcome to my little space on the web!

Long story short, I am a wife, mom of three amazing little boys and country girl turned internet marketing & social media geek with a passion for photography and design. If you follow my Instagram, you’ll notice that we’re kind of into travel. My hair is never the same color. I am really, really into black and white (you couldn’t tell from this website, could you?). And, I am a passionate creative. I love to photograph, design and create. Combine that with my love and passion for marketing and you kind of get this blog.



This website has been around for years, but it’s always been neglected while I worked on other projects. For the last few months I have been working on working on nothing but my passions. I sold any and every business venture that I felt was overwhelming me or preventing me from putting my family first.   I am fortunate to have been able to build a business that was so successful, but I am also thankful that I was able to let it go when I realized it was taking to much of our fleeing time as a family.

Printables & Parties

While I have been focusing on our family, I have been creating fun things for those that read this blog, starting with printables. One of my first marketing jobs also required that I plan black tie parties, company picnics and more, so this blog will begin to show my party planning skills in 2015.


Nom, Nom

I come from four generations of amazing cooks. So this blog will soon be full of amazing recipes that have been passed down for generations and a few that I create on a whim whenever my boys or my taste buds have a hankering for something different.


Aside from all of that, I am a marketing geek. I graduated college with a 12 day old and a 1 1/2 year old at the age of 27 with dual B.S. Degrees.  All of my successes online have come from my ability to promote my ideas. From 2001 until 2011 my entire income came from my marketing skills that allowed me to work with clients all over the world. I gave up that business to build something for myself and then grew that business to the point of my exhaustion and sold it in 2014. So, here I am . I suppose you can say I am still in transition to working in a way that works the best for my family.

The Boring Details

Marketing & Social 

I hold dual B.S. Degrees in Marketing & Communications and Business Administration with a minor in Public Relations and have used my skills to promote clients and build businesses all over the world.

Since 2001 I have worked with a wide range of clients via Trendy Media Group, ranging from Fortune 100 Companies to Start-up Mom and Pop home-based businesses. My expertise is in internet marketing and promotion and social media strategy. I accept limited clients but I am working on a bootcamp that will allow my clients, customers and readers to work together to build their businesses as a team while allowing them to learn how I and so many others have built six figure incomes on our own schedule. Sounds cool, right?


After 10 years of working with amazing businesses and individuals to build their brand and launch their own successful businesses, I launched an apparel company dedicated to bringing awareness and pride to my husbands trade in early 2012. I sold this company in 2014 after it grew to large for me to handle on my own. In nearly three years I have designed thousands of items of apparel, pillows, decals and other graphics for products.


I describe myself as a hobbyographer, but I was recently described as a travel photographer because of my work here in California, so I am going with it. I have SUCH a passion for photography and food, so I started writing about our move to California, the heirloom recipes I serve my family.

When I’m not photographing, writing, designing or promoting, I just like to hang out with my boys. Actually, it’s the other way around. The work and play here comes after the work and play with my boys. They are my first passion and priority every day.