2013 02 03 1730 Meet KristaI’m a wife, mom of three amazing little boys and country girl turned internet marketing & social media geek with a passion for photography and design.

Marketing & Social 

I hold dual B.S. Degrees in Marketing & Communications and Business Administration with a minor in Public Relations and have used my skills to promote clients and build businesses all over the world.

Since 2001 I have worked with a wide range of clients via Trendy Media Group, ranging from Fortune 100 Companies to Start-up Mom and Pop home-based businesses. My expertise is in internet marketing and promotion and social media strategy. I accept limited clients but I am working on a bootcamp that will allow my clients, customers and readers to work together to build their businesses as a team while allowing them to learn how I and so many others have built six figure incomes on our own schedule. Sounds cool, right? Check out the bootcamp and sign up to be notified when it launches.

I proudly serve as the Social Media Advisor for Pregnancy Awareness Month and other amazing organizations. 


After 10 years of working with amazing businesses and individuals to build their brand and launch their own successful businesses, I launched an apparel company dedicated to bringing awareness and pride to my husbands trade in early 2012. In nearly three years I have designed thousands of items of apparel, pillows, decals and other graphics for products.


I describe myself as a hobbyographer, but I was recently described as a travel photographer because of my work here in California, so I am going with it. I have SUCH a passion for photography and food, so I started writing about our move to California, the heirloom recipes I serve my family and all of the amazing sights here in Cali on Heartland Goes West.

When I’m not photographing, writing, designing or promoting, I just like to hang out with my boys. Actually, it’s the other way around. The work and play here comes after the work and play with my boys. They are my first passion and priority every day.

*How Do You Do It?*

It’s really simple. I limit my work time to 2 hours a day during the Summer, so you’ll see my posts here on this blog grow few and far between. From August to June I have about 6 hours a day to work while the boys are in school. Linemen Rock and Teeaholic are now automated and my team handle all of the printing and shipping of our products. My photography work is all about traveling and being there. I don’t schedule clients, the photography just develops out of where I am at the time.