With social media reach in the millions, clients earning six and seven figures a year, ad campaigns averaging $35 for every $1 spent and content strategies that effecticely places my clients at the top of search results, I’m the virtual ninja you need in your digital tool box.

From choosing a business name to researching niches, I develop a strategy for your business using competitive data, search information and social and content trends.

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With thousands of pieces of social media, blog and product content under my belt, my content not only contains reader friendly and engaging chatter, the search engines love it too.

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It’s so hard to find a designer that can design your logo and branding AND build your website around it. As a full-service boutique, we take your business from concept to launch.

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I’m a … was doing social when MySpace was cool… was building websites before WordPress operated more than half of the internet and …. was writing content for long-term strategy before content was queen kind of Full Service Boutique.

My clients frequently start with an idea and not much else. I help them research, develop and launch.

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I started rocking Facebook for ecommerce in 2011 – back before it was the cool service to offer. Since then, the stores I run average four figures in their first month and scale growth to five+ figures within six months – and that’s with a low ad spend. You should see what happens with the accounts that have a bigger budget.

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As a thirty-something mom of four and business owner, I understand what it’s like when you’re trying to make your dreams happen. When I left corporate in 2004, I realized I could never go back and I set out to build a business that would allow me to help other business owners thrive.

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